Summer 2018 MLK Summer Internship Opportunities

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Summer 2018 MLK Summer Internship Opportunities 

The Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network, Inc. (PLAN, Inc.) is currently seeking candidates for its 2018 MLK Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Summer Internship Program. Internship opportunities are available at Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network (PLAN)  programs across the Commonwealth for law students who are social justice oriented and desire an opportunity to make a difference. Each summer, the PLAN, Inc.  awards 10 paid internships to current law students to participate in legal services work over a traditional 10-week summer internship period.

The MLK Internship Program was established in 1991 to encourage and support a diversity of attorneys to work in the PLAN programs across the Commonwealth. The goal is to promote cultural and ethnic diversity in legal services and to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Since its inception, which was prompted by the Pennsylvania Legal Services Black Caucus, 352 law students have participated in the program. The MLK Internship Program is an integral part of the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network goal to initiate new lawyers to the lifelong commitment of providing access to justice for all individuals regardless of their ability to pay.

Summer interns will engage in unique situations through which one might better understand the special legal issues facing individuals who live in poverty and low-income communities. In turn, the interns provide valuable and necessary service to the PLAN program offices in which they are placed. Participants will experience the real world of legal aid advocacy including, but not limited to, direct client contact, participation in court hearings (for those certified), administrative hearings, and legal research and writing on actual cases under the supervision of seasoned legal aid attorneys. Each MLK intern will be treated as a valuable member of the legal staff and is expected to participate in case strategy and contribute to overall case management.

Serious candidates for these positions should be geographically flexible and have their own housing and transportation. To apply for an internship, please forward a cover letter, resume, three professional references (must identify relationship with reference), and transcript to:

Arlene Marshall-Hockensmith, Esq.
Administrative Officers
Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network, Inc.
118 Locust Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101
1-800-322-7572, Ext. 216

Legal aid programs where intership positions are currently available include:

  1. Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Services (Outside of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas)
  2. Laurel Legal Services (Outside of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas)
  3. Community Legal Services (Philadelphia)
  4. Philadelphia Legal Assistance
  5. North Penn Legal Services (Northeastern PA)
  6. Northwestern Legal Services (Erie and surrounding areas)


For more information on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Program please visit: