Resources For Clients


Resources for ClientsBelow are resources designed to inform people seeking legal information and assist them in locating a legal aid provider that can help them resolve their legal problem.

Featured Story

Pennsylvania Bar Association - Your Other PartnerIn early October, the Pennsylvania Bar Association and 29 county bar associations are launching a statewide educational campaign, Understanding Expungement and Limited Access to Criminal Records, which focuses on Pennsylvania’s crimes code and a law that goes into effect Nov. 1 offering a new option to address criminal history record information. 

The public education campaign is funded by the PBA and a grant from the Pennsylvania Bar Insurance and Trust Fund. It is the 13th in a series of statewide public education efforts conducted under the direction of the PBA Community and Public Relations Committee. Previous campaigns have addressed such issues as reporting child abuse, education rights of exceptional children, child support, wills and estates, identity theft and credit issues. 

Client Organizations & Events

Client Council of Pennsylvania (CCOP):

The Clients Council of Pennsylvania periodically holds meeting at varous locations in Pennsylvania to address issues of interest to the client population.