2016 Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network Conference



The 2016 Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network Conference was held on September 29-30, 2016

CLICK HERE to view the Conference at a Glance listing the workshops for the conference. 

Resources from the workshops presented at the conference are available to PLAN Program staff members in the PLAN Brief and Information Bank. (Login Required)

2016 PLAN Conference Resources

Workshops presented at the conference included: 


  1. Raising Money For Advocacy Positions
  2. Welfare to Work: New Developments & Old Strategies Revisited
  3. The Synergy of Pro Bono & Legal Aid – [ETHICS]
  4. Defending Your First Mortgage Foreclosure Case
  5. Reducing Homelessness through Eviction Defense
  6. Spotlight on the Advisory Council on Elder Justice in the Courts
  7. How to Be An Effective Board Member (Clients Only)
  8. Find and Retain Donors
  9. Custody Law, Relocation and Standing
  10. Manufactured Home Community Rights Act
  11. LegalServer Discussion: Lessons Learned While Transitioning
  12. Effectively Using Discovery in Defending a Mortgage Foreclosure Case
  13. Sealing the Record: New PA Law Allows Sealing of Old & Minor Misdemeanor
  14. How to Read Financial Statements (Clients Only)
  15. How to Write a Press Release That Gets Results
  16. Direct Examination, Persuasion, and Effective Advocacy in the Courtroom
  17. A Dialogue with PA Department of Labor & Industry Officials Concerning UC
  18. Rent to Own: Strategizing Case Handling Options
  19. Preventing Housing and Utility Insecurity for Victims of Domestic Violence
  20. I Am Elderly and/or Disabled - What happened to my SSI? 
  21. Legal Services as Healthcare
  22. You’re Eligible for Medicaid, Now What?
  23. Background Checks in Employment and Housing: Remedies for Problematic Background Checks
  24. Understanding and Navigating the Protection from Sexual Violence & Intimidation Act
  25. Practicing Before a Magisterial District Judge: From the Judges’ Perspective
  26. How to Work with Clients Experiencing Substance Abuse Problems – [ETHICS]
  27. Criminal Record? Overcoming Barriers to Employment (Clients Only)
  28. Client Stories: Take Them to the Bank
  29. How to Help Victims of Tax Fraud & Clients Who Owe Federal Income Taxes
  30. Evaluating Whether Bankruptcy is Right for Your Client
  31. Public Benefits Primer: An Overview of the Safety Net
  32. How to Effectively Work with Limited Proficient Clients & Interpreters
  33. Utility Utility Law Updates – [ETHICS]
  34. Elder Justice: Preventing & Responding to Elder Abuse & Financial Exploitation
  35. How to Do Communications in 60 Minutes or Less
  36. Recognizing, Dealing with, & Representing Clients with Serious Mental Health Illness & With Impaired Insight into Their Circumstances – [ETHICS]
  37. Utility Law for Housing Attorneys
  38. How Should Advocates Best Represent Clients in PFA Cases with Regard to Custody Issues
  39. Defending Unemployment Compensation
  40. Driver’s Licensing Issues for Legal Services Clients
  41. Welfare Reform at Twenty: What’s an Advocate to Do?
  42. Wage Claims for Low-Wage Workers
  43. The TANF Family Violence Option
  44. Securing Home and Community Based Services for Seniors
  45. Overview of Subsidized Housing

 Plenary - A Dialogue within PA’s Legal Aid Community About Racial Justice